Prayer Requests

A prayer chain is a way of sharing prayer requests with other spiritual people. By their nature, prayer chains are non-denominational. They are just a means of asking others to remember us, or the people who we care about, in their prayers. If you, or someone you know is going through a challenging time, submit a prayer request. 

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
update for wayne 107-17-2018
Wayne is doing well , and should get to come home from the hospital on Thursday
prayers For Buddy 107-17-2018
he is hospital in need of prayer
praise the lord from kathleen 107-16-2018
things are turning around with her relationship with her son , and he will be moving here to go to school
thankful for angela 107-16-2018
was in car accident over weekend drunk driver hit her , praise the lord she is okay , pray for the SUV to be replaced in full , and for her to continue not to suffer from accident
still in hospital for Bruce 107-16-2018
he has been in hospital over a month from an accident he was in , making improvement ,prayers for him to continue improving
Thank you so muchanon ymous107-16-2018
Please pray for salvation for my beloved Thomas. Please pray that he is cleansed from all fear and sin, so that his heart may be softened to give and receive love. Please pray that our relationship is restored, and also his relationship with the Lord. Thank you so much.
Hypocrisy Angela m107-15-2018
Please pray against my hypocrisy and self righteousness, thank you.
cover in prayerfor people at beach 107-12-2018
rip currents are bad , swim by the life guards
prayers from kim 107-11-2018
Message body:
I need Gods wisdom regarding at relationship I newly have. I don't know whether I should pursue him or not. I'm getting mixed signals. I really like this man. His name is Dustin. I'm praying for wisdom to continue with this or give me the grace to move on with my life. Please pray for me.
healing of words for marriage 207-11-2018
unkind words were spoke to wife during heated moments ,for forgiveness and GOD to wipe away the words
cover in prayers for man 207-11-2018
We are in the worse shape we have been in 10 years. Please pray fervently for us. We need approximately $2500 immediately. We are behind on rent, car payment, car insurance, etc. by a month. I have a job interview with a law firm in Orlando today, please pray for my safety, the front tire on the car is already showing thread. I've gotten to the point where I don't want to go on anymore.
prayers please from Jan207-09-2018
would like my prayer partners to pray for my first cousin who has stage 4 cancer, His name is Bob
missing wallet for Colin 307-06-2018
has misplaced his wallet GOD knows where everything is , and praying GOD shows him where to look he has looked everywhere but nothing is hide from god
comfort and strength for a man 207-05-2018
lives in Japan his wife just asked him for a divorce and to leave , as he figures everything out and get back here to the states to start over
strength for lady 207-05-2018
for GOD to give her the strength to keep going and pushing forward , and people to stop talking behind her back and come ask her face to face and she can explain instead of talking not truth about her and the situation
back owed for David 407-03-2018
that the back debt be cleared up and nothing owed
horrible situation for lady and the family207-03-2018
she was involved in a horrible situation ( GOD knows the details ) she is safe now , pray as she deals with this , and strength for the family as they go through this
wisdom and direction for man 207-02-2018
on a new parternship to raise money , for the doors to open
to come against for lady 306-29-2018
discouragement and rude words spoke over her , they will roll off her and she will continue to stand and praise the lord
health issues Charlie C506-29-2018
pray for CHarlie for his kidneys , his health , from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet , strength comfort