Prayer Requests

A prayer chain is a way of sharing prayer requests with other spiritual people. By their nature, prayer chains are non-denominational. They are just a means of asking others to remember us, or the people who we care about, in their prayers. If you, or someone you know is going through a challenging time, submit a prayer request. 

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
prayers for the truckers 304-01-2020
no showers , no hot meals , over tired and no where to pull over
peace and comfort and strengthfor Nancy 204-01-2020
lost her husband this morning , they have been together since high school , and there cant be a funeral because of this virus
prayers for Kai little boy 204-01-2020
If you hadn't seen Candace's post....poor Kai fell hard yesterday and was taken from Ormond ER via ambulance to Children's hospital in Orlando last night. Broke his femur and this morning he's heading to the OR to get a cast from his waist to his toes. Because of COVID19 , only his mama could go and can be with him. Prayers for him and her would be appreciated
prayers for familes 203-31-2020
that are and will be loosing this fight to the virus and then they cant even have funerals
prayers for businesses 203-31-2020
shop local and support the food places as you can and remember to tip
prayers for children203-31-2020
as they are distant learning, to stay encouraged
prayers for Pam 203-31-2020
house needs to sell
prayers for all americans 203-31-2020
if everyone would do there part , we can and will get through and come out kinder , stronger and with more HOPE , wash your hands and help someone else
prayers for nurses and doctor and all involed at the hospital 203-30-2020
for peace , strength and induce
continue to pray for Jonathon 203-30-2020
meds starting to work and that they continue to work